.5 upgrade errors

Jonathan Vanasco nginx at 2xlp.com
Mon Dec 11 02:26:13 MSK 2006

i just upped to .5 (using freebsd port), and have been finding a  
bunch of errors/bugs.

		'off' no longer turns the access log off.  it now logs to a file  
named off (relative to nginx config file / root )
		i seem to be getting access_log and  debug (error log) information  
there.  i'm not quite sure  what  is going on.

		if i have a fastcgi proxy defined all proxy pass directives seem to  
go that ip/port
		whats very odd, is that php is  set to spawn to 8888
		location ~ .php$ {
		        fastcgi_pass;location ~ .php$ {
		if that match is  active at all in the nginx config, all proxy  
passes go to
		location / {
		will go to and cause an error

		mod_proxy seems to not work at all otherwise.

there are a bunch more  errors, but that seems to be the ones i can  
figure out the most about

i can't figure out if this is specific to the FreeBSD port or nginx  
in general.
In any case, if you are on FreeBSD, I STRONGLY suggest sticking to .4.14

also: it would be nice if there were a way to do a debug level for  
mapping only.  apache and lighttpd both support this.
		request uri = x
		try patterns y
		matched to z
nginx has this support, but  there seems no way to isolate it

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