Some ideas && Questions ;-)

Alexander Lazic al-nginx at
Wed Jul 19 01:41:03 MSD 2006


i know you are in vacation and i'am also at end of the week but
something is burning in my head and therfore i want to ask ;-))

I'am not sure but the *proxy* modules (fcgi,http, ...) are they use a
form of connection pooling or make they always a
open(),send_datas(),read_data(),close() for there backend?

Have you ever heard about the scgi proto

Today i have looked into netcraft and was a little bit surprised:

07/2006 16 lighttpd         81224
06/2006 15                  94895

07/2006 17 nginx           72630
06/2006 20                 70111


Looks like that we need more english doc ;-))

Regards and have a nice vacation ;-)


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