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Bob Ippolito bob at
Sat Oct 7 14:29:29 MSD 2006

On 10/7/06, Aleksandar Lazic <al-nginx at> wrote:
> On Sam 07.10.2006 02:53, Bob Ippolito wrote:
> >On 10/7/06, Aleksandar Lazic <al-nginx at> wrote:
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>*wow* it looks like to come more and more popular in the non russian
> >>world ;-))
> >>
> >
> >Only because it's 10x better at what it does than the alternatives...
> I have thought similar, that was the reason why I have decide to
> translate the doc without knowlage of russian ;-)))
> A good product sells him self ;-)

Exactly. The beauty of open source is that the best code wins
(eventually), because it  all costs the same. The English
documentation almost comes for free at this point; a few people have
realized that Nginx is best of breed and have gone through the trouble
to translate the documentation because it's a lot easier than fixing
the code in the alternatives...

> >Nginx was my last choice, but I'm glad I was disappointed with the rest
> >of them because it seems to be very well designed and extremely high
> >performance. Millions of (proxied) hits a day without a single hitch,
> >and I have gone through three binary upgrades with 0 downtime!
> Yep that's one of the *nicest*/*best*/*greatest*/... feature of nginx.
> BTW: Just for my curious where have you heard about nginx, I just ask
>      because I have posted on the cherokee list the link and was
>      supprised that not many people know about nginx?!

The only reason I found out about it is that a friend of mine
mentioned it when I was looking for a high performance reverse HTTP
proxy server. I'm not entirely sure where he found out about it. It
turns out that I ended up using it first, had a great experience with
it, and now he is also using it in production. At the time that he
mentioned it, he hadn't tried it yet.

The convincing factor for me to try out nginx, despite the fact that
it was very obscure, was that it had a FreeBSD port available and
that's my deployment platform. I also didn't have any problems
compiling it on my workstation (Mac OS X). If it wasn't in FreeBSD
ports or if it was difficult to compile in Mac OS X then it's likely
that I'd have never tried it.

I've been especially impressed by the frequency of updates and the
detailed descriptions of which bugs each update fixes, so that I know
which updates I should perform immediately and which ones I can wait
on. The fact that I can safely try an update and revert if necessary
is an added bonus.


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