Debian packages for nginx 0.4.2

José Parrella joseparrella at
Sat Sep 16 02:02:01 MSD 2006

Igor Sysoev escribió:
> Hi, I have just subscribed you to English list nginx at
> Please update package to 0.4.2, where O_NOATIME bug fixed.

Done, and uploaded to Debian. In a couple of days Debian Sid users will
be able to install nginx through the APT system, and maybe in three
weeks nginx will be available in Debian Etch. Hopefully nginx will be
released in the next Debian stable release, due to December 2006.

Ubuntu users and other Debian-related GNU/Linux distributions users are
welcome to try the package available in [1], share comments and file
bugs directly to myself or through Debian's Bug Tracking System in order
to keep this list free of Debian-related traffic.

Thank you again for your time and work,


José M. Parrella -> Debian Sid, k2.6.17.13
Escuela de Ingenieria Electrica
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