Help with rewrite rules

Šime Ramov hi at
Thu Feb 15 00:24:42 MSK 2007

On 2/14/07, Šime Ramov <hi at> wrote:
> Maybe the password is wrong, I'll try with simpler one and rehash it,
> I'll post results here.

No, the username/password is not the problem, the same thing happens.
I get 401 status codes in the access log (and few 499)...

So, everything works (PHP is up via FCGI, phpinfo() works, phpMyID
seem to work except authentication etc.), but when I get to the login
page (basic http authentication) and enter username and password, the
page just stalls.

And according to the contents of the phpMyID htacces file (previously
posted) that's the missing link, so I just need that last step.

 - Šime

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