Help with rewrite rules

Šime Ramov hi at
Thu Feb 15 15:58:58 MSK 2007

On 2/15/07, Tomislav Filipčić <tomislav at> wrote:
> I use PHP 5.1.6. You could try that.

I only use Debian stable packages, no backports or anything, and PHP
5.x isn't available in Sarge.

I custom compile anything else that Debian stable doesn't contain,
like Python 2.5 for instance. (And thanks God for Debian nginx package
which works great on Debian stable!). But I don't feel like compiling
PHP (I didn't even have PHP before on the server, I just run nginx and
Django FastCGI servers...)

> Anyway, I prefer to use, it's more advanced and robust,
> and they seem very serious about security and anti-phishing.

The thing is, OpenID is decentralized system, so I would *really*
prefer to run my own OpenID server instead on relaying on another and
creating yet another public account to use it :)

But I didn't found any other small and light server except phpMyID.
phpMyID fits perfectly (although it's written in PHP ;))

I'll try on their forums, my apologies for spamming the group with
this slight off-topic post, it seems that this is not nginx related,
but PHP running in (Fast)CGI mode and the script itself...

 - Šime

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