Help with rewrite rules

Tomislav Filipčić tomislav at
Thu Feb 15 17:59:46 MSK 2007

Šime Ramov wrote:

>> Anyway, I prefer to use, it's more advanced and robust,
>> and they seem very serious about security and anti-phishing.
> The thing is, OpenID is decentralized system, so I would *really*
> prefer to run my own OpenID server instead on relaying on another and
> creating yet another public account to use it :)
> But I didn't found any other small and light server except phpMyID.
> phpMyID fits perfectly (although it's written in PHP ;))

You log in to myopenid with your openid, so there is no "yet another 
public account". phpMyID looks looks like a hack to me (looking at the 
code) so I decided to avoid that solution until something better came along.

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