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Šime Ramov hi at
Thu Feb 15 18:29:57 MSK 2007

On 2/15/07, Tomislav Filipčić <tomislav at> wrote:
> You log in to myopenid with your openid, so there is no "yet another
> public account". phpMyID looks looks like a hack to me (looking at the
> code) so I decided to avoid that solution until something better came along.

Yeah, I know that, what I meant by public account is that it is
managed by a third party and not by me on my own server. And I need to
create it, and fill the details like any other public account, and I'm
sick of it.

There is something better (official Python/Ruby/etc libraries), but
they are just libraries, so you will still have to code the public
client/server architecture by yourself. phpMyID is the only simple
working solution that I'm aware of.

 - Šime

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