Dynamic configuration file.

Jérémy Dierx jeremy.dierx at pickabee.com
Tue Jul 3 09:50:43 MSD 2007

Le mardi 03 juillet 2007 à 00:56 +0400, proforg a écrit :

> No, there are no (and never will be) ways do this with nginx.
> As a workaround you may use include statement to give user permission
> to edit its own part of config
> and reload nginx configuration for example every hour by cron,
> checking configuration by nginx -t before this. (or, with less delay,
> basing on each user  config file 

> Le lundi 02 juillet 2007 à 20:34 -0400, Wilson Bilkovich a écrit :
> A future version of nginx will supposedly allow you to use a scripting
> language to handle parts of your configuration.  That will allow you
> to achieve this.
> Until then, you'll need to find another approach. 

Thank for your answers. I will find another approach (give right user

Best regards.


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