undefined symbol ngx_pool_cleanup_file

Stoyan Tzalev stzalev at itdnet.net
Wed Jul 11 19:02:24 MSD 2007

На Wednesday 11 July 2007 17:34 Igor Sysoev написа:
> First, although there written "ultrafast nginx based authentifier",
> I should advice that while embedded perl execute any SQL query this worker
> process does not handle any connection.
I'm mostly experimenting with this, as the idea of the embeded perl sounds 
nifty :) I might go the "standalone" way, i.e. daemonizing my perl code and 
not embedding it.
> As to your problem, do you see the message when you start nginx ?
No, nginx starts without errors. I get the error when running the perl program 
manually. I'll finish the http handling code and I'll provide more 
information tomorrow morning.



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