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Dimitri Aivaliotis aglarond at
Tue Mar 6 17:15:21 MSK 2007


On 3/5/07, Gregg Reynolds <dev at> wrote:

> I just discovered nginx last week and I've already jettisoned lighttpd
> in favor of nginx.  Very nice piece of work!

I'm also new to nginx, and am glad I discovered it.

> I've got a ways to go before the stuff is "publication ready", but I
> think I've got enought to solicit feedback and collaboration.  What's
> the best way to proceed?  I could post to the wiki, post to my own
> website, or email to anybody interested.

I suppose posting it to the wiki (under "Main Documentation" perhaps?)
would make it most accessible.  It would also allow for online

> Nginx deserves excellent documentation.

I completely agree.  I'd be willing to help in that area, by
proofreading and doing whatever else I can make time for.

- Dimitri

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