doc: limit_except

Gregg Reynolds dev at
Thu Mar 15 21:11:35 MSK 2007

I'm unsure of the meaning of limit_except.  This is how I understand the syntax:

  limit_except METHODS { (ALLOW-CLAUSE | DENY-CLAUSE)* }

where METHODS is a list of HTTP method tokens and the clauses are

  ('allow' | 'deny') SP+ (IPADDR | HOSTNAME | 'all' )+ ;

Is that it?  Can anything else go in the block?  Any other allowed values?

My understanding is that "limit_except" simply associates a method
with a list of allow/deny clauses governing use of the method.

What confuses me is the name.  Why "except"?  Is "accept" the
intention?  As in "server, please limit the acceptance of this method
according to the allow/deny clauses that follow."



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