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Thu Mar 15 21:23:39 MSK 2007

On Thu, Mar 15, 2007 at 12:11:35PM -0600, Gregg Reynolds wrote:

> I'm unsure of the meaning of limit_except.  This is how I understand the 
> syntax:
>  limit_except METHODS { (ALLOW-CLAUSE | DENY-CLAUSE)* }
> where METHODS is a list of HTTP method tokens and the clauses are
>  ('allow' | 'deny') SP+ (IPADDR | HOSTNAME | 'all' )+ ;
> Is that it?  Can anything else go in the block?  Any other allowed values?
> My understanding is that "limit_except" simply associates a method
> with a list of allow/deny clauses governing use of the method.

Yes. Currently several directives are allowed here only:
and perl

> What confuses me is the name.  Why "except"?  Is "accept" the
> intention?  As in "server, please limit the acceptance of this method
> according to the allow/deny clauses that follow."

This directive is similar to

Currenty there may be one limit_except block per location.
Sometimes I think it may be usefull to allow several limit/limit_except
blocks per location to use something like this:

      limit   LOCK  UNLOCK {
          perl ...

      limit_expect  GET {

Igor Sysoev

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