integrate mod_rewrite into http_script_module

Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at
Tue May 1 10:49:02 MSD 2007


I have yust read into the russian list that Igor plans to integrate the
mod_rewrite functions into the http_script_module.

For that I have talked with him about this issue and got the

1) It must always test results of its internal operations, such
   as malloc, and return error. lua simply exit()s when memory is over.

2) It should support interpteter multiplicity to allow to compile
   new configuration in a separate interpreter (as perl allows this)

3) It should support non-blocking oprations, such as

    v = get_variable(...)
    if (v == NOT_READY) ...


    if ($var) {
        return  403;

    which should not block nginx to go further with his work ;-)

I have thought that someone on this list will be interest to talk about
this issue.

What are your thoughts ;-)

I have suggest to use the neko-language (
There are a lot of embadable script languages but this one It looks very
small/fast/good designed to me.



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