integrate mod_rewrite into http_script_module

Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at
Wed May 2 00:36:41 MSD 2007

On Die 01.05.2007 16:30, Evan Miller wrote:
>Aleksandar Lazic <al-nginx at ...> writes:
>> I have yust read into the russian list that Igor plans to integrate
>> the mod_rewrite functions into the http_script_module.
>Sorry for my confusion, but can you explain a bit more what Igor plans?
>Will we be able to embed script directly into nginx.conf? Is
>mod_rewrite going away in favor of http_script_module?

Now "if" is like some location that has some static configuration. It
will be changed: no static directives inside "if". Only settings, flow
control, and some special directives.

No "rewrite" directives.

I hope now its more clear.

I think it is to make the if more useable and to remove the rewrite

I think also that the 'http_script_module' is not like a script language
more like a description language how the *http-message* should flow thru
nginx, after I reanalyze and rethink, maybe I'am wrong.

>And when would the script block? Would it be accessing disk or the
>network to get configuration? It might be nice especially for large
>sites to store configuration information in an external file or
>database, and then access it with an embedded script.

Sorry but this I don't know.
What I assume is that:

1.) use another, but smaller language. to make some small tasks which is
    not possible with the mod_perl.
2.) just add more dynamic things into nginx for more flexibility.
3.) ???

I will dig deeper into this issue.



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