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El Fri, 5 Oct 2007 19:02:18 +0200
"Grzegorz Nosek" <grzegorz.nosek at> escribió:

> Do you know of some gateway interface between git and hg? It might
> prove useful.

I have used Tailor (
occasionally to convert Subversion repositories to Bazaar branches and
it worked well for me. Theoretically, both Git and Mercurial are
supported, too. You may want to give it a try.

> Thanks a lot, will look into these. Did you try running bigger things
> a'la Django under mod_wsgi?

I tried to run Trac 0.10.4, MoinMoin 1.5.8 and the Bazaar 0.90 smart
server, without luck. As both are WSGI 1.0 applications, I did the
quick-and-dirt trick of wrapping them so they are exposed to Nginx
as WSGI 2.0 ones. I need to further investigate, but I suppose they
yielding more than a single result (which currently mod_wsgi does not
support, AFAIK).
> > The module is still in development and not yet stabilized.
> > Tests are always really appreciated, but I can suggest you to wait
> > until I will implement the full WSGI 1.0 spec, if yuo want start to
> > use it.

Just for the sake of completeness: I've built and executed the
included tests successfully in the following configurations:

 * Apple iBook G3 (PowerPC 750FX), with Gentoo Linux.
 * Dell Dimension C521 (AMD Athlon X2), with Gentoo linux.

I am using Nginx 0.6.13 here, changing usage of ngx_http_discard_body
to ngx_http_discard_request_body as I have said before. Next time I
will try to build it in a fresh NetBSD installation I want to do in an
old Pentium II machine.

Best regards,

Adrian Perez de Castro               <adrianperez at>
Oficina de Software Libre
Universidade da Coruña        
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