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Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at
Fri Oct 5 21:30:50 MSD 2007

Grzegorz Nosek ha scritto:
> 2007/10/5, Manlio Perillo <manlio_perillo at>:
>>> If you want (and accept my repo as a pseudo-official one till a really
>>> official one appears), I have absolutely no problem with pulling stuff
>>> from you.
>> Thanks, but I'm using Mercurial (and I can setup a Mercurial Nginx
>> unofficial repository on my server).
> Do you know of some gateway interface between git and hg? It might prove useful.

I don't know, but there should be an easy way to keep in sync a 
Mercurial repository with a Git repository, since there is a Mercurial 
clone of the whole kernel repository.

>>> [...]
>>> Manlio, do you have some documentation for your mod_wsgi?
>> For the documentation:
>> (very incomplete)
>> For the examples:
> Thanks a lot, will look into these. Did you try running bigger things
> a'la Django under mod_wsgi?

Not yet.

However you should know that running a "big" application like Django can 
blocks the nginx server, especially when using a client server database 
over a slow connection.

In the future I will try to add threading support to support "legacy" 

I have written mod_wsgi for best support fast and asynchronous applications.

>> At every commit I try to do as many tests as I can, and I execute a
>> stress test using Apache Bench with many request and high concurrency
>> levels.
> That's pretty reassuring :) Thanks.
>> The module is still in development and not yet stabilized.
>> Tests are always really appreciated, but I can suggest you to wait until
>> I will implement the full WSGI 1.0 spec, if yuo want start to use it.
> OK, I think I'll give it a try anyway.

I'll wait for a review, thanks.

Do not forget that the current revision of mod_wsgi implements the WSGI 
2.0 draft and not the current WSGI 1.0.

> Best regards,
>  Grzegorz Nosek

Regards  Manlio Perillo

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