Question on Empty GIF module

Rt Ibmer rtibmx at
Thu Apr 24 20:16:53 MSD 2008

>IMHO, post_action will be much better here. Something like:
>location / {
>     empty_gif;
>     post_action /post;

>location = /post {
>     internal;
>     proxy_pass http://my_upstream_servers;

Thank you Denis and Maxim! Maxium can you elaborate on what the flow would actually be like with the above scenario, and what advantages it may have over the approach posted by Maxium?

I am trying to understand how the above actually works from the browser's perspective that originates the request...

For instance,  with the above, will the browser's request be fulfilled by the first location blocked and then immediately closed (this is what I am hoping for)?  Or  does the browser need to wait while nginx executes the post_action?

I could not find any docs on post_action so I don't know how it works or what it does exactly. I came across this:
  post_action does not block new connections, but it blocks current connection.
  nginx handles post_action in context of request and connection, so it
  does not close connection to a client before going to post_action.So again this makes me wonder whether nginx will immediately serve the gif back to the browser and close that connection for the speed improvement I am hoping for.

Assuming the above works how I would like, do I still need to return any gif or other such response from my app? Or can I just close the connection without upsetting nginx or making nginx think the backend is down?

Thanks again!

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