Need Help Configuring Nginx to run Wordpress

Todd HG lists at
Fri Apr 25 07:55:07 MSD 2008

mike wrote:
> wordpress 2.3.x or whatever (haven't upgraded to 2.5 yet)
> nginx 0.6.29
> if it's a blank page, do you have anything in your error logs? turn on
> php error reporting, sometimes it loads an empty page if there's an
> error before output it seems.
> is it empty, or is there html source? it might be that the page needs
> "<?php" to start (that was another issue someone had just yesterday) -
> perhaps short_tags is off, and since WP has a lot of mixed code, that
> specific page doesn't have it?

short_open_tag = On

Because nothing else is jumping out at me I thought I'd entertain your 
suggestion, so I switched to the default theme that comes with Wordpress 
2.5, and ran into exactly the same issue as before. I've checked every 
tag, and they are all correct. I know because I wrote every line of my 
own theme, and the default wordpress theme appears to be correct as 

In my opinion, if Nginx doesn't have a tutorial clearly explaining how 
to configure and use Nginx with Wordpress, which is the number one blog 
script software in the world, then Nginx isn't ready for prime time. 
Nginx won't be widely accepted and used until it's Wordpress friendly 
with a proper tutorial, and support. I would love to write it and post 
it on my tech site, but I can't seem to even solve my own issue, and no 
one appears to be able to help.

Nginx either works with Wordpress or it doesn't. That's not very 
friendly, or practical. Static websites are a minority these days.

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