Need Help Configuring Nginx to run Wordpress

Rob Schultz lists at
Fri Apr 25 09:49:54 MSD 2008

Todd HG wrote:
> short_open_tag = On
> Because nothing else is jumping out at me I thought I'd entertain your 
> suggestion, so I switched to the default theme that comes with Wordpress 
> 2.5, and ran into exactly the same issue as before. I've checked every 
> tag, and they are all correct. I know because I wrote every line of my 
> own theme, and the default wordpress theme appears to be correct as 
> well.
> In my opinion, if Nginx doesn't have a tutorial clearly explaining how 
> to configure and use Nginx with Wordpress, which is the number one blog 
> script software in the world, then Nginx isn't ready for prime time. 
> Nginx won't be widely accepted and used until it's Wordpress friendly 
> with a proper tutorial, and support. I would love to write it and post 
> it on my tech site, but I can't seem to even solve my own issue, and no 
> one appears to be able to help.
> Nginx either works with Wordpress or it doesn't. That's not very 
> friendly, or practical. Static websites are a minority these days.
It is not Nginx's responsibility to create guides for different 
frameworks / applications its the Frameworks / applications that should 
provide the guide to run it on X server. Nginx is a Web Server that 
supports FastCGI, Reverse proxy'ing.

But to test, it took ~ 25 mins to get a full Wordpress blog up and 
running (first time ever) on my nginx installation. I just followed 
and then used this to setup search friendly URL's.
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