HTTP PUT for file uploads

Phillip B Oldham phill at
Fri Aug 1 16:10:46 MSD 2008

mike wrote:
> My company needs a file upload solution that will support large file
> uploads (2GB limit is optional - if we have to tell them less than 2GB
> that's fine) that will keep re-trying the upload until it is done. We
> have slow geo users and then just flat out large files to deal with
> even from fast connections.
Don't want to sound off, but isn't that what FTP was designed for?
> There's a variety of Java-based PUT uploaders.
> So far, we haven't found any Flash ones (we'd love to NOT use Java) -
> but there is a way to do it apparently, we just can't find anyone
> who's done it yet.
You may have to test this, but I'd assume the maint-stream browsers 
support PUT via the XMLHTTPRequest javascript object.


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