Please help me get FastCGI working with nginx

Jeffrey 'jf' Lim at
Mon Aug 4 12:49:15 MSD 2008

On Mon, Aug 4, 2008 at 12:44 PM, mike <mike503 at> wrote:
> Use php-fpm. It makes I so much easier. The spawn-fcgi stuff sucks.
> In the php-fpm.conf you can configure the tcp port or socket and just tell nginx to use that. It's pretty simple. I also recommend running tcp instead of sockets and binding to localhost unless you need to access it from another machine

any reason why tcp instead of sockets?

also, uh... Rt Ibmer - nginx supports fastcgi "natively" already, what
are you talking about? I second php-fpm as well, btw (although, this
is from somebody who hasn't used fastcgi much, so take it with a pinch
of salt... It is easy to setup, configure, and understand, that's for


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