HTTP PUT for file uploads

mike mike503 at
Mon Aug 4 20:51:33 MSD 2008

On 8/4/08, Michael <nginx at> wrote:

> I tested with Firefox 3.

They went all Microsoft then and started implementing things prior to
them being W3C :P

> I'm sure you could use AJAX to do it (something like prototype.js), but in a
> plain form, it doesn't seem to work.

AJAX would be neat for this but again, can't do it in just a plain old browser.

> Also, it's not real useful if the one of the most popular browsers doesn't
> support it, yeah?

Correct. and it doesn't have the bells and whistles previously mentioned:

- multiple file upload
- progress bar
- retransmission on timeout, failure, etc.

It would be great if even single files could be re-transmitted, etc. I
am sure I could get buyoff from people if we had a fully non-applet
required method for this. But we don't right now. It still requires
Java, Flash, or some other thick client crap.

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