Please help me get FastCGI working with nginx

Igor Sysoev is at
Tue Aug 5 01:37:43 MSD 2008

On Mon, Aug 04, 2008 at 02:34:28PM -0700, Rt Ibmer wrote:

> Perfect! It works great. As a side note I had to add a chkconfig and description to the comments to make it compatible with chkconfig under Fedora 8.
> Also one other question please - why is it when I purposely request a PHP page that doesn't exist (as a test) the browser returns "No input file specified." instead of the standard 404 page?
> I can see in the nginx log file it logs a 404 as expected, so not sure what I'm doing wrong. I also have this:
>    proxy_intercept_errors  on;
> declared in the location block that handles the fastCgi forwarding. Am I missing something needed to get the 404 page? Thanks again!

You need
    fastcgi_intercept_errors  on;

Igor Sysoev

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