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Igor Clark igor at
Thu Aug 7 13:31:22 MSD 2008

I can obviously see how clever a lot of it is, but am I the only  
person who finds all this Comet/Bayeux/BOSH/Javascript "TCP sockets"/ 
etc stuff slightly unsettling? If you push and bend (e.g.) HTTP to do  
all this stuff it was never intended to do, won't it, and all the  
infrastructure supporting it, eventually just break? OK, so there's  
Jetty and nginx can handle loads of keepalives and so on and so forth,  
but ...

If people want bidirectional comms with browsers, if they want publish/ 
subscribe mechanisms, wouldn't all this work by very clever people be  
better directed towards getting a sensible security infrastructure in  
place to allow listening sockets in client sandboxes, rather than  
building ever bigger wrappers with sticky tape and bits of string?

</devil's advocate>

On 7 Aug 2008, at 05:36, Adam Michaels wrote:

> After much headache with Ejabberd and some internal discussions, we  
> talked about Nginx supporting the BOSH protocol. This would allow  
> simple creation of scalable instant message systems and anything  
> else that requires stateless connections to act statefully.
> Nginx would hold 2 client connections and create a persistent  
> connection to upstream servers. To even begin to make this possible,  
> Nginx would need to support persistent connections to upstreams.  
> What is the status of that feature? Its been listed on the feature  
> request page in the wiki for a while.
> Anyone interested in seeing this?

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