SSL Problems with 0.7.[78]

Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at
Thu Aug 7 17:39:55 MSD 2008

Dear both,

On Don 07.08.2008 13:46, Steffen Weber wrote:
> Joshua Schmidlkofer wrote:
>> I put up a gentoo box this weekend, and I installed nginx 0.7.7 on
>> it.  I put a php backend on via fastcgi.  No matter what I did,
>> Firefox+HTTPS didn't work properly. [...]
> I'm experiencing the same problem with phpMyAdmin, Firefox 3,
> nginx 0.7.[78] and SSL. The problem does not occur with Konqueror
> 3.5. And it previously worked fine with nginx 0.7.6 and Firefox 3. So
> the bug must have been introduced in nginx 0.7.7.

Please can you provide us with a debug log?



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