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Sat Aug 23 09:54:21 MSD 2008

On Fri, Aug 22, 2008 at 10:33:50PM -0700, mike wrote:

> Someone on #nginx blogged about this...
> http://letsgetdugg.com/view/Nginx_hidden_performance_option
> Wondering what OSes would benefit from this? and at what point would
> it help to turn on, or should it be on always, or should it never be
> on unless you plan on doing X connections per second?

The eventport method is available since 0.4.3:

Changes with nginx 0.4.3                                         26 Sep 2006

    *) Feature: the Solaris 10 event ports support.

It can be used on modern Solarises only. The similar methods are
kqueue (FreeBSD, MacOSX, NetBSD, OpenBSD) and epoll (Linux).

However, event ports have (or may be already had) some bugs: one of them
leads to panic, another stops accepting connections. This is the reason
why on Solaris nginx uses /dev/poll method as the best one.

Igor Sysoev

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