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Wed Aug 27 10:12:22 MSD 2008

Ya, I learned that the hard way. Our production nginx server stopped 
accepting connections after a day of use. I might need to look into 
improving eventports support on solaris.


Igor Sysoev wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 22, 2008 at 10:33:50PM -0700, mike wrote:
>> Someone on #nginx blogged about this...
>> http://letsgetdugg.com/view/Nginx_hidden_performance_option
>> Wondering what OSes would benefit from this? and at what point would
>> it help to turn on, or should it be on always, or should it never be
>> on unless you plan on doing X connections per second?
> The eventport method is available since 0.4.3:
> Changes with nginx 0.4.3                                         26 Sep 
> 2006
>     *) Feature: the Solaris 10 event ports support.
> It can be used on modern Solarises only. The similar methods are
> kqueue (FreeBSD, MacOSX, NetBSD, OpenBSD) and epoll (Linux).
> However, event ports have (or may be already had) some bugs: one of them
> leads to panic, another stops accepting connections. This is the reason
> why on Solaris nginx uses /dev/poll method as the best one.

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