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Yan Cheng lists at
Tue Dec 2 09:28:11 MSK 2008

I made a subrequest. but it does not follow my step
nginx send a request to subrequest uri and then send the reqeust(from 
client) to the website.

what i want is nginx receive the response of subrequest before sending 
the main request(the client's request, which is to website he/she wants 
to visit)
Cause the main request may be rewrote based on the response message of

If the client does not have the right to visit the website, need payment 
for example but the client has not paid yet, authorizing server will 
give nginx a another web for making the payment. nginx will rewrite the 
client's request, request-line and http header, and sends it to the 

So I have to get the response from subrequest first.

Someone has ideas?
Thanks so much.

unknown wrote:
> You can make a subrequest on authorization phase. Recently I've made a 
> test and that worked.
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