Nginx Equivalent to LAST_MODIFIED variable in Apache SSI

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Tue Dec 2 10:07:07 MSK 2008

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marlowe at wrote:
> I am working on transitioning my web sites from Apache to Nginx.  In doing
> so, I came across an issue.  Under Apache, I was able to include the
> timestamp when a page was last modified through the use of the following
> statement,
> This document last modified <!--#echo var="LAST_MODIFIED" -->
> When I made the conversion to Nginx, this statement returns the following
> This document last modified (none)
> This was expected as the SSI module documentation states the variable will
> display "none" if no value is set.  Reading the documentation, it doesn't
> appear there is a builtin variable which is the equivalent of Apache's
> LAST_MODIFIED.  I did a google search to attempt to find a solution to
> generate the timestamp into a new variable.  Unfortunately the only item I
> found was this thread,
> Can someone please point me in the proper direction to create an
> equivalent to Apache's LAST_MODIFIED variable?
> Thanks,
> Patrick

After doing some further research, found out LAST_MODIFIED is on the
todo list according to a comment in the stable and development version
of ngx_http_variable.c.  My apologies for not checking the source code
first.  Is there a timeline/roadmap when this feature might be included?

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