nginx + cookies + firefox = 400 Bad Request

Oliver Pestring lists at
Mon Dec 15 13:46:23 MSK 2008

Maxim Dounin wrote:
> You should tune large_client_header_buffers in your nginx config, see
> for details.
> The problem AFAIK is vbulletin which sets enormous number of
> various cookies.

Many thanks guys! It seems that the issue doesnt occur with the 
0.7.26-version. I compiled it manually yesterday evening and vbulletin 
and Mantis work perfectly with the previous config until now.
Just to be sure Ive now followed your advices and added some larger 
values for large_client_header_buffers and proxy_buffer_size too. Also 
switched from cookie-based activity to db-based for vb.

My testsystem is still on lennys 0.6.32 and here an increased 
large_client_header_buffers was even enough to get it working again. 
Perfect ;)

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