PHP-FPM Performance

Sergio Bruder bruder at
Sun Dec 21 03:05:22 MSK 2008

Em 20/12/2008, às 16:37, Mathew Davies escreveu:

> Hi,
> I'm currently using nginx/0.7.27 + PHP 5.2.8 with the fpm patch on
> Ubuntu Server 8.10 with 256 MB RAM. Nginx is serving static files very
> fast at 1,500 req/s while serving a phpinfo(); page will drop right
> down to 300 req/s. This performance is nothing to be sniffed at with
> the current specifications of the machine, but I'm wandering if there
> is any room to squeeze more performance from the php side of things.
> Kind Regards,
> -Mathew Davies.

You are using some accelerator? PHP acelerators brings a moderate gain
of performance and a better gain in parallelism in my humble experience
(because of gains in memory allocation per process).

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