PHP-FPM Performance

Mathew Davies thepixeldeveloper at
Sun Dec 21 03:46:30 MSK 2008

I currently have APC installed and it's caching the pages correctly. I
did experiment with the nginx memcached module where nginx would
simply bypass the php altogther, this massively improved performance
to the sound of 1,200 req/s, but it's not easy to implement into my
current web application.

I'm quite new to nginx so I've attached my configs incase I've missed something.



On Sun, Dec 21, 2008 at 12:05 AM, Sergio Bruder <bruder at> wrote:
> Em 20/12/2008, às 16:37, Mathew Davies escreveu:
>> Hi,
>> I'm currently using nginx/0.7.27 + PHP 5.2.8 with the fpm patch on
>> Ubuntu Server 8.10 with 256 MB RAM. Nginx is serving static files very
>> fast at 1,500 req/s while serving a phpinfo(); page will drop right
>> down to 300 req/s. This performance is nothing to be sniffed at with
>> the current specifications of the machine, but I'm wandering if there
>> is any room to squeeze more performance from the php side of things.
>> Kind Regards,
>> -Mathew Davies.
> You are using some accelerator? PHP acelerators brings a moderate gain
> of performance and a better gain in parallelism in my humble experience
> (because of gains in memory allocation per process).
> Sergio Devojno Bruder
> bruder at

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