Suggestions for a custom module, looking for a developer

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at
Wed Jan 9 19:31:23 MSK 2008

Adrian ha scritto:
> Hello, I'm testing nginx and like it very much.
> To make it perfect for my needs I am thinking about having someone code a
> "third-party" module for me.
> If I get this done I'm obviously going to share it with the community, it's the
> least I can do to give something back.

This is always a good thing!

> Since if I can't get this module done I will have to use a commercial
> closed-source webserver, I am willing to pay a "bounty" for this module.
> I deeply apologize if this offends anyone, but since I know that a few open
> source projects are open to bounties and the majority accepts donations, I
> thought I'd ask.

No problem; you just need to contact someone that is able to write the 
custom module.

You can look at, for someone 
who has already written a module for nginx.

> I'd like to know how much should I expect to pay if I'm going to hire a coder
> for this module. If anybody knows of someone I should talk to to get this done
> please let me know.

It's not possible to estimate the price.
You need to ask to the coder you are going to hire.

> This module would have to help me with connection flooding and bandwidth
> limiting. Here is what I'd like the module to do.
> I'd like the module to be able to check for the following conditions:
> - A single IP address that has retrieved more than <param1> megabytes (in
> requests' bodies) in <param2> seconds.
> - A single IP address that sent more than <param3> requests in <param4> seconds.
> I think that there should be a parameter, <param5>, to define how many IP
> addresses, are to be kept in memory, in a FIFO fashion.
> Then if any of the above conditions is triggered I would like to have executed a
> list of custom commands, <param6>.
> It should also be possible to use the offending IP address as a parameter for
> the custom commands.
> In my case I would like to add a firewall rule to ban the offending IP and an
> email sent to the admin.
> I would also like the possibility to limit the total bandwidth usage for each IP
> in kbytes/sec.
> All of this should be doable at directory level, at worst at virtual host level.

Note that for all these requirements, you could use an external tool 
that parses the access log file, and iptables for accounting.

> I know that nginx can limit the number of connections per IP and the speed for
> each connection but sadly this is not enough for me to handle abusers without
> hurting normal users' performance.
> Any consideration on such a module would be very appreciated.
> Please don't flame me if all this post seems rubbish to you :)
> Thank you!

Manlio Perillo

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