Suggestions for a custom module, looking for a developer

Thomas Seifert thomas-lists at
Wed Jan 9 20:06:39 MSK 2008

Adrian schrieb:
> I'd like the module to be able to check for the following conditions:
> - A single IP address that has retrieved more than <param1> megabytes (in
> requests' bodies) in <param2> seconds.
> - A single IP address that sent more than <param3> requests in <param4> seconds.
I think thats what I also would like to see in nginx, see

Igor replied to that:
"No, nginx currently does not support this, but it will be my next main 
just after I will have complete current main task - async resolver and
variable support in proxy_pass."

So maybe you could tickle him a bit? ;)

I could join in on the bounty even though with limited ressources.



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