[nginx] SSL support and setup

Thomas iamkenzo at gmail.com
Sat Jan 26 18:53:04 MSK 2008

Hi guys,

>From the SSL module documentation page:

it is recommended to run one worker process only and to enable
keep-alive connections.

However often for serving Rails applications, I see 3 to 5 (probably
more) worker processes in the configuration files. As this must be set
for an nginx process, does this mean, that it is better to have 2
running processes? One for normal HTTP listening on port80 with 5
worker processes, and another one listening on port 443 with 1 worker

How do you setup your single server for SSL and non SSL requests?

Best regards,

PS: could it be possible to automatically add a [nginx] tag to all
mails sent to the mailing list? That way it is easier to search for
nginx only related mail in my account, as this account is also used
for other mailing-lists.

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