Milestone: #4 on Netcraft

Luigi Perroti luigi.perroti at
Wed Jun 4 15:27:09 MSD 2008

Evan Miller <emmiller+gmane at ...> writes:

> I usually pretend not to care about such things, but Igor deserves some 
> congratulations here...
> 1. Apache - 84 million domains
> 2. Microsoft IIS - 61 million
> 3. Google - 10 million
> 4. nginx - 2 million

I think this big jump is related to the fact that dropped
litespeed for nginx.

Another thing that reinforces this hypothesis is that litespeed's stats are now
less than 1/10 of what they were in may. I didn't think that litespeed had so
little adoption.

I suppose that (for now) lighttpd is still more popular than nginx if you don't
consider the wordpress bias.
Still, that's a great result for nginx.
Congratulations to Igor!


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