Milestone: #4 on Netcraft

Just Marc marc at
Wed Jun 4 16:47:15 MSD 2008

My feeling about the nginx project is that it is under-marketed and very 
large amounts of lighttpd (and apache) users are still unaware of it.  
Many would switch to it in the blink of an eye.

lighttpd and nginx can no longer be compared.  lighttpd has stagnated 
almost to a complete (public) halt during the past year or so, it hardly 
receives any fixes or improvements (with the exception of one 
extremely-overdue release in March).    The long promised version 1.5 
has not been coming through, either.

nginx on the other hand, subjectively, is a superior product both from 
code quality / organization and from the awesome features / flexibility 
and stability it provides - when compared to its direct and indirect 
competitors.    It is clearly written with care, passion and dedication 
that few programmers posses -- you just know that when you take a good 
look at it.

Last but not least, and certainly one of the most important aspects, at 
least for me, is that nginx receives constant fixes and enhancements - 
and has been receiving fixes and enhancements ever since the project 
became public, on a *consistent* and almost clockwork basis.

A big thanks to Igor and his employer for releasing this great piece of 
software to the public and working to maintain it so diligently ever since!

And with all this said, spread the word of nginx to everyone you know - 
write and post about it everywhere.   Let's bring it to the top 2, where 
it belongs.


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