Debug Http 400 Errors

Davy Campano dcampano at
Tue Jun 10 17:25:07 MSD 2008

I'm getting some 400 errors in my logs, and I'm wondering if there is a log
variable which will tell me the attempted url that was trying to be
accessed.  I have tried both $request and $request_uri, but both look like
they give the path to the file trying to be accessed, and are blank when the
error code is 400.

Here is my logging definition:

log_format  response_times  '$request_time $remote_addr [$time_local]
$request_uri $status ';

Couple samples:

0.000 [10/Jun/2008:08:24:36 -0500] /static/file.swf 304
13.775 [10/Jun/2008:08:24:37 -0500] /static/file.swf 200
0.000 [10/Jun/2008:08:24:38 -0500] - 400
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