Nginx - TCP balancer

Renaud Allard renaud at
Thu Jun 12 00:21:24 MSD 2008


Kamil Gorlo wrote:

> So, I have another 2 machines (this time, they have only single core)
> which I want to be load balancers. But they cannot work on HTTP layer,
> as a standard load balancer, because of SSL - they simply does not
> have resources to do this SSL stuff. My idea is to use some kind of
> transparent load balancer on those machines - they should only forward
> requests to backends and all resource consuming work should be done on
> backends (SSL handshake, etc.).
> Can Nginx do that? If not, do you know any tools which can work as TCP
> balancers (I found HAProxy, but haven't tested it)?
> Do you have any experience in similar situations?

OpenBSD's relayd (formerly hoststated) can do this and performs 
extremely well.
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