tell me your feature request about nginx

Aleksandar Lazic al-nginx at
Fri Jun 13 03:21:16 MSD 2008

Hi Micha?? (Sorry but I don't see the right chars),

On Fre 13.06.2008 00:49, Micha?? Jaszczyk wrote:
>It's me again, the mod_rails/mod_ruby/mod_rack guy :).
>As you may remember, I'm a CS student looking for a subject for my
>masters thesis :). I had this great idea about making mod_r* for Nginx,
>but it turned out to be a bad one... :) So... Maybe you have some ideas
>about what cool feature could Nginx have? I could implement it then :).

Please, what is a CS student?!

How about to catch one from the features request page ;-)

My preferd features are:

persistent connections to backends (fcgi, http, https,
http-keepalive, ...)

JK-Protocol connector


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