tell me your feature request about nginx

strangepics strangepics at
Sun Jun 15 03:40:54 MSD 2008

Igor Sysoev wrote:
> FreeBSD's newsyslog can be run by cron every minute to rotate logs based
> on file size and to keep a predefined number of logs.
> There is no sense to log to a pipe to achieve this.
> Logging to pipe causes useless context switches, memory copy operations,
> and CPU cache trashes:

Gotcha. Thanks.

socklog then:

> instead of single copy operation.
>> Drop of root priveleges once it's bound and chroot as well. Even
>> Lighttpd does that.
> Lighttpd drops root because it handles client connections in single process.
> nginx handles the connections in worker process that run as unprivileged user.

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