tell me your feature request about nginx

Alexander Staubo alex at
Fri Jun 13 03:35:37 MSD 2008

On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 1:11 AM, Rt Ibmer <rtibmx at> wrote:
> We could REALLY use a way to get the status of upstream servers - in particular a notification that nginx has declared an upstream server (as used in load balancing) offline, and a notification that nginx has detected that a previously unavailable upstream server it took offline is now back on line.

Seconded. A status page such as HAProxy's (see would be awesome.

More real-time metrics would be extremely handy. These could be used
to plug into tools like Munin.

You could look to Varnish ( for
inspiration here. Instead of logging to files, Varnish uses
low-overhead circular buffers in shared memory to log and output
entries and metrics; this way you can catch the output any way you
like -- syslog, files, over the net. (I'm also pretty sure that
Varnish does not output any information unless someone is listening.)

Varnish comes with a few tools that let you track this output on the
terminal. For example, this is the output of "varnishstat", which is a
top-like tool that updates in real time. Suffice to say, it gives you
tons of useful data:

Another tool is varnishhist, which draws an ASCII diagram of the response times:

Other tools are varnishlog (gives you a real-time dump of the log) and
varnishtop (a top for log lines -- each unique log line is counted and
printed in order of frequency).


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