tell me your feature request about nginx

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Fri Jun 13 04:01:58 MSD 2008

We've been through this a few times.  nginx decides when to take an upstream server offline based on the configuration settings for timeouts etc.  monit has no idea about this.  the server could be fine as far as monit is concerned, but as far as nginx is concerned it may have ruled the upstream offline.  As such as need nginx to signal us when it does so.  I love nginx and it is a great tool. I was however was very disappointed in how limited it is in this particular area and it is frustrating that such discussions have gone in circles.

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> Hi Mike,
> We could REALLY use a way to get the status of upstream servers - in particular a notification that nginx has declared an upstream server (as used in load balancing) offline, and a notification that nginx has detected that a previously unavailable upstream server it took offline is now back on line.
A monitoring tool like Monit already does that isn't it?


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