Is it possible to monitor the fair proxy balancer?

Rt Ibmer rtibmx at
Sat Jun 28 05:54:53 MSD 2008

> Guess I'll have to start looking at HAProxy, but
> I'd rather not.

nginx is a very stable, flexible and powerful server for sure. Hopefully you can keep with it.

The issue of not having any direct stats/reporting about the upstream status keeps coming up over and over. I think it is the only significant drawback and would love to see it addressed.  Unfortunately folks tend to post that the monitoring is not the job of nginx.  However I disagree - nginx is the one that pulls and upstream out of rotation, and at a minimum it should at least have a way to signal another process.  It would be great to see this addressed once and for all - hopefully one of these days it will get the priority and attention it deserves IMO.


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