Working with include directive and wildcards?

Ian Sefferman iseff at
Sun Jun 29 06:43:35 MSD 2008

I'm trying to figure out an issue with the include directive and
wildcards in v0.5.33 (on Ubuntu Hardy).

My nginx.conf file looks like so (trimmed):

http {
  include /u/apps/*/current/config/nginx.conf;

Then, I have two directories within /u/apps, each with their own config:
/u/apps/bar/current/config/nginx.conf (trimmed):
server {
  listen 80;
  server_name _ *;
  location / {
    proxy_pass http://bar_mongrel;

/u/apps/foo/current/config/nginx.conf (trimmed):
server {
  listen 80;
  location {
    proxy_pass http://foo_mongrel;

This code never reaches the bar server, it only ever returns foo.
However, when I change my nginx.conf to:
http {
  include /u/apps/bar/current/config/nginx.conf;
  include /u/apps/foo/current/config/nginx.conf;

... it works perfectly (and I change the order of those two and it
still works fine).

I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong here?


Ian Sefferman |

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