[dev][mod_wsgi] asynchronous extensions

Manlio Perillo manlio_perillo at libero.it
Mon Mar 3 17:46:44 MSK 2008


Its time to add asynchronous extensions to the WSGI module.

I'm developing a WSGI application where I need to talk with a web 
service on the Internet, so it is *very* important to use an 
asynchronous HTTP client.

I have choose libcurl, since it is well designed and there is a wrapper 
for Python.

Here is what I'm thinking to do:

1) when libcurl creates a socket, I create an associated nginx 
connection, by calling the ngx_get_connection function

2) when I need a read notifycation, I call ngx_handle_read_event

3) when I need a read notifycation, I call ngx_handle_write_event

4) when I'm done with libcurl, I call ngx_close_connection

Of course I have to setup the timeouts, but is this all I need to do?
The event structure has a lot of members, and I'm not sure to understand 
all of them.

Also, there is a problem with ngx_close_connetion: it will close the 
socket, but the socket is owned by libcurl, so I will need to patch it.

Thanks  Manlio Perillo

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