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Sun Mar 9 10:25:27 MSK 2008

Ian & all,

>That's one idea, but right now I don't want to add a new layer in.

Fair enough.  If at some point you decide to go that route, know that it's amazingly easy to configure.

>You mean something along the lines of a location specifically for the 
>extensionless filenames (galleries|polls|reviews|etc) with 
>fastcgi_params just for them? And another location for php|shtml?
>[Note how I don't even try to write the regex's...(clip)]

I've never done anything with FCGI, so rather than risk using the wrong terminology, I'll just try my hand at an example.

[Caveat - in my limited experience, the rewrite engine in Nginx uses a very similar syntax to Apache's mod_rewrite module, so I'm hoping this is close enough that someone with more knowledge than I can correct any mistakes.  This does not take proxying into account, and simply serves as a logic example.  These are not the droids you're looking for.]

If for example, your 'gallery' section took two parameters, a three-digit number and a two-digit number, the logic would be:

A line that matches ^/gallery/(\d{3})/(\d{2})$
(Start matching when you see '/gallery/xxx/yy' and then stop)

...would be proxied to http://your_upstream_server/file_that_handles_gallery_requests?three-digit-number=$1&two-digit-number=$2

The same thing could be done for polls, again for reviews, et al.

In the above regex, notice that the \d{3} and \d{2} which match three digits and two digits respectively, are wrapped in parentheses.  The parentheses allow you to use what are called back references ($1 and $2 in this case), which allow you to grab the chunks of the URL that match that specific chunk of the pattern and use them later.  An example might be better: if you had a URL of, $1 would represent 222 and $2 would be 33.

I hope I haven't completely obfuscated what I'm trying to communicate.  I think that the link below documents a guy having a similar problem, or at least one that may be close enough for your purposes.

I hope this is of some help.
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