Problems with fastcgi php migration

Ian M. Evans ianevans at
Sun Mar 9 13:02:48 MSK 2008

Carlos wrote:
> This allows me to directly refer a php file in any location and get it
> executed by fastcgi, and at the same time any non-existing file (like
> /galleries/1/2/3 in your example) is matched by "if (!-f

Thanks for the example.

My only problem is that galleries EXISTS, that is, it's an extensionless 
file containing a php script.

The one odd thing that's happening is madness with the path_info.

When I access galleries/1/123 the path_info is /1/123 which I can easily 

When I access /galleries, the path_info suddenly becomes 
/galleries/galleries which is nutty...somehow the path_info gets screwed 
up in the fastcgi transition.

Perhaps I'll take a look at doing it your way.

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