Nginx and subdomains (and dyndns)

Fernando Perez lists at
Wed Mar 12 02:39:59 MSK 2008

Hi list,

Has anyone setup a server running Nginx and subdomains?

Currently my test server on a dynami IP has a domain at DynDns it is
something like:

What I am trying to do is have subdomains/virtualhosts with Nginx only
listening on port 80 and redirecting where it needs to go.

For instance, Phpmyadmin should appear when typing:

And Punbb:

And obviously my main website is located at:

The problem is that currently, whathever I type like:
it is always the main website that appears.

If I type, it is still the main website
that appears.

For the main site, I have currently:

And for Phpmyadmin:
server_name phpmyadmin.localhost
( didn't work)

And for PunBB:
server_name punbb.localhost

but this doesn't do the trick.

So how to define the virtualhosts? Are there any other file to check?

Best regards,
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